“Temptress” Comic Style Storyboard Short for Motion Picture

Cover art for promotional comic adaptation of “Temptress.” Copyright 2018 J.D. Thompson

The following images are a comic style adaptation of a storyboard I created for the motion picture Temptress, based on the award-winning play by Irish writer, Philip St John.

In 2015, my fiancée and I decided to take an Irish holiday to get reacquainted with that creative spark I had come to know during my lengthy stays in Ireland. While passing through Temple Bar, we chanced to see Philip St John’s Temptress performed in the New Theatre. No words can capture the complexity of the story or how the performance moved me. My fiancée and I were simply blown away. We had never seen anything like it.

The next day, we tried to sum up the feeling of being in the audience the night before so we could encourage friends to go see the show. But there was simply no way to share what we had experienced, so we cancelled our plans for touring around the island and, instead, decided to take our friends to see Temptress again and again over the course of the week. It hit me then that the only way to share Temptress with the world would be to create an adaptation for a cinematic production.

I lurked around outside the New Theatre after a performance and finally caught up to St John to share my vision for how we might approach creating a movie. It was my belief then, and it is my belief now, that Temptress is destined to become a timeless classic, both on the stage and on the screen. In July, 2016, after several months of negotiations, I successfully reached an agreement with Philip St John and acquired the motion picture rights to Temptress and immediately went into preproduction. However, finding the right storyboard artist was challenging, so in March, 2018 I created several panels in comicbook style to articulate certain key elements of the story. The following is a condensed adaptation of that work.

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