Riff Raff’s Laser Guitar Design for Rocky Horror Picture Show “Let’s Do The Timewarp Again”

Most of my creative endeavors have been focused on music, which led to the creation of my first album of original songs with Lou Adler. Lou knows I’m a bit of a guitar enthusiast, so a few years ago he casually asked me if I could help him to acquire a “laser guitar.” I thought about it, but apart from some really corny electric guitar designs from the 1980s, there really wasn’t much out there by the way of “laser guitars.” Being a “can do” kind of guy myself, I suggested to Lou that I could design something for him myself, and so I did.

I e-mailed some quick rough sketches, and the next call I got was from director Kenny Ortega who, as it turns out, was working with Lou on the sequel of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They liked the preliminary designs, so I worked on a digital mock-up that would breath a bit more life into the piece. I sent it, and they said they liked it.

That was the last I heard of the whole affair…until a few weeks before Halloween of 2016 when I happened to see a trailer for the upcoming Rocky Horror Sequel, and there it was: my design for Riff Raff’s “laser guitar” brought to life on screen. Several months later, Lou had some cool promo photos of the guitar sent over to me.

Pretty cool.

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