“J.D. Thompson is a one-man creative army. A free radical of revelations and mastermind of artistic expression whether his medium is art, writing, music or film. Raw, powerful, and no-holds-barred, he is a headspace architect for the 21st century finding poetry in the chaos and calling bullshit where he sees it. Wildly unique, radically diverse, fiercely inspirational, he will blow your mind all while encouraging you to tap into your own innate creativity and find the hero in yourself.”

-Michael Jagger, Chief Creative Officer, Solidarity of Unbridled Labor

After spending more than 15 years as a professional in the arts and entertainment business, Thompson has done it all from composing Emmy-nominated music for Netflix and producing/directing award-winning films, to art direction, illustration, writing for outlets like Playboy, and more.

Disillusioned with mainstream entertainment, he returned to his roots as a visual artist and writer, collaborating with an array of diverse artists from around the globe to create a new line of comics exploring themes ranging from cosmology to crime.

In 2023, he unleashed his latest dark vision, the neo-noir thriller with a cosmic horror twist, The Hound of Cold Hollow®: Vengeance.

The eldest son in a family of musicians, Thompson was raised on the sun-scorched plains of Oklahoma where he was introduced to Native American world-views and developed a fascination with ancient wisdom traditions, mythology, and lost civilizations. These themes became the foundation for his creative work. During his many years traveling the world as a performing musician, he set aside an inordinate amount of time exploring some of the world’s most impressive libraries and interviewing interesting and often dangerous people. After a brief stint as a documentary film-maker, he returned to the U.S. to complete his degree which he promptly disregarded to write and draw comics. He currently resides somewhere in the hills of Kentucky with a large black goat he refers to as “The Reverend.”