In the Shadows of the Gods is a documentary film chronicling the history, development and role of spirituality in Iceland. It examines the social and ecological attitudes of Icelanders, and explores how those attitudes have influenced the extraordinary achievements of modern Iceland and its influence in the Western world today. While many view Iceland as one of the most forward-thinking nations in the Western world today, In the Shadows of the Gods asks the question: What if the residue of Iceland’s ancient past plays a larger role in its contemporary attitudes toward politics, economics and the natural environment than is generally acknowledged. Through a series of interviews with scholars, spiritual leaders, policy-makers and ordinary Icelanders, the documentary will explore several key questions: What role has spirituality played in the shaping of modern Iceland? How does Iceland’s history inform the identity of Icelanders today? What is the basis for the growing interest in Neo-paganism, and what sets Icelandic “heathenry” apart from other Neo-pagan groups around the world? Is Iceland’s robust democracy and progressive tendencies the product of something truly modern and cutting-edge, or were those tendencies present all along? The film asks these questions and many more to prompt international audiences to reflect on matters of faith, politics and personal identity in the twenty-first century.