After escaping an abusive relationship, a young massage therapist finds the promise of a new carefree life with another woman in a remote mountain village. But a string of unsolved murders draws them into a sinister world of secrets and terror in this neo-noir monster of a thriller by J.D. Thompson.

Sarah Frasier takes a job at a small town diner in a dying ski resort town. She wants a fresh start and throws herself into an unexpected romance with coworker, Rita. But Rita’s ex-girlfriend is the latest victim in a series of bizarre deaths that have the residents of Cold Hollow on edge, fearing the return of a legendary monster. Suspicion threatens the two women’s relationship as Detective Dennis Landry suspects Rita knows more about the death of her previous lover than she is willing to admit.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s new and confusing attraction to Rita isn’t the only experience transforming her life. Late one night, in the woods outside her cabin, Sarah witnesses an astonishing phenomenon that will change her destiny forever: a massive wolf-like creature known by the locals as The Hound of Cold Hollow.

The beast attacks and Sarah narrowly escapes with her life but two other victims aren’t so lucky. Detective Landry and his partner discover the gruesome murder scene and all suspicion falls on Sarah. It’s up to Rita to find a way to uncover the truth before the woman she loves takes the blame for crimes she didn’t commit. But is she really innocent? A mystery within a mystery, The Hound of Cold Hollow: Vengeance is a story of suspense, passion, and horror that won’t disappoint.